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Who is Ronald M. Allen?

Born in London, England and attended Prior Park College, Bath, Ronald graduated 1975 with ‘O’ Levels in Art and Commerce before beginning his professional career.

After moving to the USA in 1988, Ronald established his own business ‘Design in Display’ – providing an Interior Design/Visual Merchandising service in New York City – which he ran for 8 years – while also attending the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Eventually, family matters led Ronald to change his career and he moved into the Mortgage Banking Industry.  For the following 20+ years, he advised clients about their options for buying, selling and positioning their real estate assets.  It was during this time that Ronald really began to recognize the widespread need of individuals and organizations for something more than just financial advice.

Ronald has held Mortgage Banking Licenses, a Realtor’s License and Appraiser’s Certifications in the state of New Jersey.  The Department of Community Affairs invited Ronald to provide training and coaching on a statewide initiative to address the vacant homes in New Jersey.

He has a background in teaching as an adjunct faculty teacher at two County Colleges, conducting classes on Home Ownership, Credit and Financial Literacy, Predatory Lending and Licensing for state compliance.  In addition, Ronald has received Senate Citations and testimonials from CEOs in grateful recognition of his outstanding contribution to assisting others.


Ronald secured his U.S. citizenship in 2000 and is the founder and CEO of the RMA Group, LLC, which provides a Consulting Service for the Financial, Mortgage Banking and Telecommunications Customer Service industries.

“There is a deep, unmet need in many of us to find a way to increase our general productivity and enjoyment of life/career.  It is part of the human condition to seek out ways to fulfill our potential and change the behavior that is not working for us.”  P. F. McAllister

Training, Coaching and Teaching

This led Ronald to develop his unique portfolio ofpersonal improvement and professional development processes and problem-solving strategies. His courses, talks and books focus on the innovative Mapping the Mind for Success methodologies.  He provides easily accessible and fun strategy sessions for adult learning on managing life’s changes in key areas such as:

Increased Productivity through Enhancing Employee Performance – Increasing Job Satisfaction, Morale and Personnel Retention Rates through Employee Leadership Training – How to motivate your staff – Providing Support for Employees – Leadership Seminars – Plenary Sessions for Management. Self help – Self growth – Increased Self esteem – Personal help – Personal Improvement & Career Change – Building Your Confidence –

Consulting Service

As a popular Keynote Speaker, Management Consultant, Life Coach and Author, Ronald addresses the issues we all face when Managing Life’s Changes™, and shows how to navigate through to a positive outcome.  Ronald is deeply engaged in enriching the lives of others with strategies and options that aid in life’s difficult ‘balancing act’.

“For issues related to business, family, or personal relationships there is a refreshing acceptance of reality in Ronald’s approach that opens the door to significantly optimized levels of performance.”
Geoff Leeson – CEO Jasper Industries

Mind Mapping is a proven method of helping people to think more clearly, aiding personal development and self-growth, boosting brainpower and allowing individuals to be more creative!  And it’s fun too!


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