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You have come to the right place. Managing Change brings you an eclectic perspective on what it means to be coached. I help you to identify what you want out of life by communicating clearly with yourself and others. Creating from within the life you chose, developing the skills, (effective mentoring), building knowledge and meaning in the things you hold true in order to produce the kind of outcomes that you have identified as Benefits and Values for your life.

Create!      Develop!       Produce!   On your terms, for your life!

Ronald helped me develop both professionally and personally. He exemplifies what leadership means. Most importantly, Ronald helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses and how to capitalize on both. I consider it both an honor and a privilege to have had the opportunity to work directly with Ronald and benefit from his experience and mature insights.
I must say Ronald Allen was one of the most inspiring Account Executives to work with. Not only was his attention to detail exceptional. He constantly come up with new ways to bring new business to our station.

Your Objectives:

What every your objectives may be, we will work to identify them, validate them and enusre your actions are supportive of what you intend to create from working together. We will reframe your "Doubt-Producing-Questions"!

Your Values you subscribe to these Objectives:
When you talk about CHANGE, most of us give it lip service. By replacing one belief for another, exchanging a previous behavior for a prefered one and being able to give new meaning to what we want out of business, relationships and life itself, these self identified values help us to reinforce and sustain the replaced behavior we say we want.

Engagement - Adoption - Retention - Driven by our values system and not an external abstract concept of self.

​​​​The Benefits you derive from all your hard work and sustained effort:
As you move through these identified steps in achiveing your goals, your needs and objectives you will feel more capable of sustaining your desired change. Using a combination of value added processes, methodologies and practical every day actions, you will drive the "New You" into focus. Interestingly enough, what you begin to realize is that this new you, was there all along. You simply did not place yourself in the right space.

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Identifying Intangible Assets in Producing Tangible Results

Identifying Intangible Assets in                 Producing Tangible Results

CREATE your life! building fortitude from within

73% of adults consider themselves lifelong learners.
74% of adults learn something new each year that enhances their personal interest.
 63 % of adults learn something new each year to improve on their professional skills

 DEVELOPE your life! surrounding yourself with the right resources


76% of people asked, "what is stopping you from achieving what you want from life, reply…I am unsure of what I want!

 PRODUCE your life!

When I worked in hospice care, I asked the residence what they had hoped for, what they had wanted out of life if they had more time, many responded with "a burning desire to follow my own thoughts and beliefs and interests.

 They wished they had a burning desire that would have purpelled them to do what they thought about over the years and did not take action.

PURPOSE your life!


The chaos theory

Chaos Theory is a contradiction in terms of order from confusion. Reflect on a storm and the prevailing concern for one's safety. Once the storm has passed, a fresh clean atmosphere is usually experienced. The same is seen in space, evolution of a species and certainly in human behaviour. In learn to communicate we are unsettled, uncomfortable. Gradually we make sense of the new order of interacting with on another and a new level of understanding is born. Our learning like the concept of the chaos theory is inherently unpredictable.


    As a speaker I know how important it is to get the message right
        the first time. I think, Ronald sends a refreshing message of
        getting things done right.

Fripp. Patricia Fripp

When is it too late to manage life's changes thru effective communication that you can use to make a difference in your life?


Because we can take the experience of yesterday and springboard forward with an increase level of confidence, knowledge and maturity of experiential know how and with the right mix of ingrediencies

                Develop and
                             Produce a life we want to live, a live we can manage and a life we can share by giving back to those less fortunate than we are, those that have not able to find resolve. 
                            True Legacy

Identifying Intangible Assets in                 Producing Tangible Results

Identifying Intangible Assets in                 Producing Tangible Results

By learning to understand yourself and effectively communicating with others you will begin to dispel the apprehension you have about your capabilities!

You will begin to identify the same concerns you have, being expressed by others and know how to engage with them more effectively!

You will develop a keen sense of yourself and the emotional noise created when you feel uncomfortable engaging with others!

You will create the meaning you want that produces the kind of results you need to endear the kind of relations you prefer in your life!

Identifying Intangible Assets in                 Producing Tangible Results

Identifying Intangible Assets in                 Producing Tangible Results

Every one want's to improve themselves RIGHT! Part of the challenge is, are you ready to hear what needs to be done and are you willing you take action, even incremental action to get going? Then, wait for it, are you willing to stay focused in order to remain on the path you have created in order to achieve your goals?

Having this conversation with yourself is the first step. Communicating effectively with yourself and others in order to identify the meaning behind the values we hold true anchors us.


Now are you ready to  take the next step and adapt to life itself when all you have been taught changes meaning due to economic, social, ideology and yes even your own perspectives changing over time.

Your litmus TEST:

Are you ready to hear yourself based upon the results you have created in your life?

Do you believe you want to and can manage your life's challenges with help?

Would you take the time to listen to an opposing perspective?

In times of need would you be willing to go to what is uncomfortable?


     Coaching provides…Group and Individual engagement.       

                                     A clear path upon which to visualize a desired state of success.          

                                                                                                      A safe place to validate and grow

The very best athletes, performing artists and executives who realize that how we perform is based upon understanding what we think, where these beliefs come from and the meaning we give them.  The self-talk we perform every day, around every issue and amongst one another sets us up to WIN or be a has been first and foremost to ourselves and those that we seek affirmation of what we stand for.

Young and old alike the conversation in our minds determine how committed we are in going after what it is we strive for in our lives.

Identifying Intangible Assets in Producing Tangible Results

Identifying Intangible Assets in                 Producing Tangible Results

From the writings of Nelson Mandela, 'The Long Walk to Freedom', to the autobiography of The Life of  Mahatma Gandhi. These two men during different times in human history and living on different continents chose to express their belief in changing the course of their nations exploitation of one group over another and voiced their opinion that there could be a better life for all through the masterly art form of effective communication.

As one who was considered to be an extravert and quite talkative during my early childhood, my aim is to use this skill to help you bring out your natural capability to voice your opinion in working with others so that you all walk away with mutually beneficial outcomes.

What a concept!

                       Why do I think I am qualified
                                     to help you?

                           First and foremost I have
                           been there…LITRARILY

What have I done in this area of personal and professional development?

I have managed to cultivate relationships with three educational institution over the past 22 years creating courses, building curriculum and delivering programs that support the needs of the communities I have and am working with.

I invite you to view their comments about the value I bring.

Ronald M. Allen

Ronald M. Allen

What am I doing?

Volunteering is a crucial part of finding out about your communication with yourself and with others. The ability to build meaningful relationships is evidenced by the person or persons with which you are engaging with and stated from their voice, their perspective and not yours. Helping to create opportunities for others to grow is a hallmark of self-awareness  while understanding how to work with others on their terms. I invite you to read what others say about my work.

Where am I going?

If I asked you to pursue your dreams, your inner desires and trust in a process, then I must be able to walk my own talk. Here it is then!

After leaving the mortgage banking industry I asked myself on leading question. What can I do to maintain our sense of independence, sustain our standard of living and grow into a meaning next career? The answer was always in front of me. Business Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring along with Public Speaking and Training.

To realize this new life, I was going to have to create, develop and produce a new platform of values to share in this new environment. What have I been up to and what am I producing to this end that validates me to offer this coaching program for you?   I invite you to see what I am producing.

Identifying Intangible Assets in                 Producing Tangible Results

Identifying Intangible Assets in                 Producing Tangible Results

My underlying mantra is to galvanize the intellectual curiosity of those that are so inclined to seek meaning from their lives, by managing life's changes through the effective communications with themselves and among others. In essence, Do a Mandela!


   Where are you heading?

       What do you want to create?

           How will you develop your future?

   When will your production of your life start?
       Why are you holding back?

The best just simply want to get better. To be able to sustain life's changes as they happen. Response not reaction. Ratchet down the noise instead of being swept up in all the drama of our minds. Preparing for new year and not just for tomorrow! Feeding your mind with unfamiliar ideas until they become part of your DNA.

Reaching for what is not easily understood, so that the inner doubts become your assets in measuring possibilities and potential.

Identifying Intangible Assets in                 Producing Tangible Results

Identifying Intangible Assets in                 Producing Tangible Results

What you don't know is massive. Are you willing to explore your own capabilities? Stretch your mind muscle and give it a real workout?

I have a saying, when I doubt myself, what mode of self-talk am I in? When I can't reach some one, what fresh knowledge must I acquire in order for us to connect?

Where are you on the road to developing your ability to communicate and engage more effectively with yourself and others?

 What has been your history and do you have the notion to cultivate your need to improve how you manage change in your life?

Self-efficacy = a fun
               loving personality

Who get's coached:

Edit your Jim Yong Kim

Kathleen Wilson-Thompson

Kathleen Wilson-Thompson

Deepa Prahalad

Deepa Prahalad

Mark Tercek

Mark Tercek

Bernard Banks

Bernard Banks

Alexnder Osterwalder

Alexnder Osterwalder

Denise Pirrotti Hummel

Denise Pirrotti Hummel

Sergey Sirotenko

Sergey Sirotenko

Aicha Evans

Frances Hesselbein

Frances Hesselbein

Donnie Dhillon

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Divya Silbermann

Divya Silbermann

Marcia Blenko

Marcia Blenko

Would you consider what in your life is currently working and exploring how that has come about? Now consider what is not and what has brought you here?

We are all on a path of discovery. To discover what we like and how best to manage those events in our life that we do not. 

· Uncover what halts you from being successful in executing your strategies.

· Explore the correlation between superior performance and professional development.

· Use the personal quadrant of self, environment, culture, and nationality to acknowledge the
     journey towards self-awareness and authenticity.

By better understanding yourself, you will be able to better meet the changes in your life, particularly as they pertain to communicating more effectively with others.

You are Investing in Yourself.

                       So what do you receive from me?


Live weekly tele-classes that address your needs, your questions in a safe, encouraging environment. 


Scheduled private individual conversations with me about your ability to manage your life's changes in a productive, encouraging and pro-active approach so each time you close a session, you walk away with a sense of accomplishment and steps you have identified with to develop.

Taking It To The Street - Practice-On-Purpose!

A weekly commitment to begin to engage with yourself, family, friends, colleagues and associates at work with an eye on recognizing what you are doing and saying to test whether each approach makes sense for you while gaining the results intended.

            {Thought becomes intent becomes action becomes
          your behavior develops into a new character!}

The ManagingChange2 Clan Immediately

begin to build relationships with others in

our clan who come here to develop their communication skills to affect positive

change in their lives.



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Identifying Intangible Assets in                 Producing Tangible Results

Identifying Intangible Assets in Producing Tangible Results

What a professional coaching service must provide. (1) An environment that supports the safe expression of opposing ideas, thoughts, and beliefs so that you can develop both professionally and personally. (2) It must have a dynamic path, a track that allows for adjustments in approach and methodology of its core constructs that will enable tangible, measurable progress to be made. (3) The ability to enhance your skills, capabilities and 'thinking', that confirms you are being heard.


Be Seeing You!
Ronald M. Allen

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