Life Cycles

Life Cycles

Life Cycles, 113 Quotes to Guide Your Daily Decisions, is a resource of quotes that bring your attention to how others have thought of challenges in their lives. How they have faced difficulties.

New perspectives from the experiences of others. Remember, we don’t have enough time on earth to learn all that we need to know, and we can surely accelerate our learning by drawing on the experiences of those who have gone before us. Take heart when all else seems to fail you, and reach back to your ancestors, your mentors, family, and friends who have forged ahead in the face of adversity, from which they came to realize their goals, dreams, and aspirations.

These quotes are taken from people of different times, cultures, and nationalities with the same common denominators faced by all…how to address a situation you find yourself in that requires you to think and act differently in order to get the results you want? Read through and find the one(s) that bring you inspiration. The one(s) that give you a new perspective you did not think of. The one(s) that provide a way to deal with your challenge. Value the experience of others.

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  1. Your thoughts on the changes you are experiencing and what resources you have in addressing these challenges?

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