Your Research May Take You Places

Your Research May Take You Places

In my studies of Alignment Optimization with its ability to pull together divergent perspectives and optimize achieving the intent of the parties involved, I came across this rather interesting research by William Foote Whyte. Now 70 year in the past the same social and economic observations of the poor Italian neighbourhoods of years gone by (of which he spent months immersed in) show an alarming similarity to today’s hyper-sensitive politically driven divisions destroying the very fabric of good intentions.

The junkyard dogs are back!

Whether you spend 10 minutes in an interview or 13 years working on the front line of innovation, the real value of any culture is understanding their perspective without evaluation. Perhaps subliminally, the work culture only refers to some and not to others – interesting. What would this county be if we learned and forged characters by the strength of endurance and fortitude? Interestingly the honor we give on those that have gone through life’s trials and tribulations are not valued beyond that which we can immediately see and recognize.

If we are serious about engaging one another we must realize the origins of some and the choice of others.

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