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Keynote Speaking & Plenary Sessions

Keynote Speaking, Plenary Session & Workshops

Ronald has a deep understanding of the human condition and how our journey through life can be affected by circumstances that may seem impossible to change.  For example:

  • Educational background
  • Family dynamics
  • Social and cultural nuances

There are very few circumstances that cannot be changed!  Mapping Your Mind for Positive Change & Success is a proven method of adult learning that promotes complete self-awareness and builds your confidence!

Find your own motivational force!

Also known as thought mapping and concept mapping, this innovative approach to managing life’s changes successfully, teaches how to discard old, unhelpful ways of thinking and really focus on what is important in your life.

Only by cutting out all the unnecessary and irrelevant issues holding you back from your goals, will you discover your incredibly powerful inner motivational force.  And this is the force that will propel you forward to really achieve your life and career goals!

How to motivate your staff

Ronald takes each audience member through the steps needed to increase self-esteem and take control of their own personal improvement.  This facilitates self-growth and, from an employer’s point of view, is a great way to motivate your staff by providing results-oriented support for employees.

Management leadership that shows its care and support for employees has been shown in many workplace studies to improve employee performance greatly and significantly boost retention rates.

Furthermore, employee leadership training is an incredibly cost-effective way to train attendees on how to be a solid source of guidance and support to those around them.  If you are looking for a proven way to find your own powerful motivational force and/or want to know how to motivate your staff – THIS IS IT!

Call Center Customer Service Training

Testimonials on Speaking Engagements

“As a speaker, I know how important it is to get the message right the first time.  I think Ronald sends a refreshing message of getting things done right!”

James Malinchak
“Big Money Speaker”
Founder of www.BigMoneySpeaker.com

“Mr. Allen is responsive to the group’s dynamics!  He presented the course material in a way that was interesting and easy to learn.”

Jeffrey Jones,
Passaic county College, Adult Education

“Mr. Allen was consistently reliable, responsible, and professional in all his dealings with me during our organizational training and presentation programs.”

Beverly Riddick – Executive Director
HomeCorp, Montclair, New Jersey


Get These Major Walk-Aways at Your

Next Speaking Event!

  • Recognize the Assets You Already Possess: You have fought life’s battles before, draw upon your inner knowledge
  • Adjust your Perspective on Finance to Win: Why money does not make you secure
  • Creating Mentors for Your Personal Improvement:  Every leader, high performance athlete and world-renowned artist has a Personal Coach – where is yours?
  • Establish ‘Behavioral Gambits’ that Win for All: How to create and maintain a forward thinking personality
  • The Silence Between the Notes is Everything: How to create the peace in your mind that will determine your success
  • What is a 4-Way Win?: Where does your level of understanding of great Customer Service end?
  • Maintaining an Addiction to Learning: When and Where did you learn to do otherwise?
  • How Long Can You Go Without a CHECK: Which monetary system do you believe in?
  • An Eclectic Perspective Will Serve You Best: Why adopting the characteristics of a Chameleon helps you to blend in
  • Learn to Let Go and Stay in Control: Why do we place so much value on external objects when we are right here inside?
  • It’s a Family Affair – Let’s Communicate: Why effective interpersonal communication is fundamental to a winner’s relationship with others

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