TheInternetOfThings Supporting Adverse Weather Conditions

TheInternetOfThings Supporting Adverse Weather Conditions

Due to the weather conditions, most of the eastern seaboard is experiencing today, I looked up this site and I realized the-Internet-Of-Things is among us.

Are you an HR of Saftey associate charged with informing your colleagues with your company protocol for today’s travel conditions?

Are you charged with managing teams and informing them of the need to be present or remote in, based on priority projects that MUST be addressed despite the weather?

IT, given the increased bandwidth that today’s weather will create throughout the day, is your infrastructure in place to handle the demand along with troubleshooting issues that will pop up due to weather-related temperature?

Remote workers communicating among one another on secure platforms present another level of attention. A colleague just reached out and advised me to change the access services we use to execute data exchange due to servers being worked on caused by the weather. This aspect of business falls under cybersecurity management as the data left of one set of servers must be secured while migration of data is performed on others.

If you are a community support contact person providing all manner of services for your town’s residents, do you have the means to reach critical care, high priority in-home/homebound residents? Informing them of the delays and pending omissions of services for a day, two or maybe three due to the weather in order to instill a sense of calm ineffective communications.

For those who are Public Relations and Media Specialist, are you using the Communities and Groups within the multitude of #socialmediarealestate platforms to keep your employees across your enterprise informed, even though you have a company intranet that provides timely information sharing? By the way, this last point is significant because of the service lines that are interdependent of your business lines and the need to stay connected about company up and down times, service delays and communication challenges impacting the delivery of goods and services.

Are we able to take in this new level of information that supports our need to perform our daily work at an ever increasing pace? The-Internet-Of-Things supports #socialmediarealestate platforms, by connects us immediately so that we can exchange required information in order to work more effortlessly. Can we reprogram our minds in order to take advantage of this wealth of information, real-time across all communities in providing the timely status of conditions that impact our ability to perform each and every day? Time will tell, moreover, it will be our ability to self-manage and decipher what is critical, essential and required in gaining the upper hand at any moment in time, given any particular situation you find yourself in.

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