13 Steps to Positive Changes – Questions and Thoughts

13 Steps to Positive Changes – Questions and Thoughts

Excerpts taken from my book ’13 Steps To Positive Change’ Questions, Thoughts, Perspectives:

Introduction of 13 Steps to Positive Change

    Audio read to the Introduction to 13 Steps to Positive Change, There is No Fourteenth Floor

  • Do not ever allow yourself to forget the pain? It is what brought you to this point.
  • Immerse yourself in work for those that you think are less fortunate then you. You maybe surprised when you find out they are more fortunate than you in their value system.
  • Why do we take the vessel of life and relegate it to a secondary role? Respect the women around you even if they don’t respect themselves.
  • Have your own opinion as to what is of value to you! When all is said and done, you answer to your thoughts and actions.
  • Travel as much as possible before you form an opinion about anything. Until you have lived among a people you can’t form an opinion about their culture.
  • Tell your family the dream that was. Your family sees you for what you really are, do you believe in yourself?
  • Talk with your ancestors, they have the wisdom. Your ancestors went through what you are without the benefit of access to all the support systems we have today. Reach out and ask for their help, they will direct you.
  • Build in your head five key personalities you want to emulate! Mentorship can come from any place you ask for it, and willingly.
  • The true measure of helping others is giving of your time. Because you can’t get it back.

The Human Condition
Our charge is to act responsible
Our charge is to teach responsibility
Our charge is to help one another respectfully
…and if we do not then our kind are already extinct!

  • Engage your mind in constant learning and re-learning the basics…
  • Get in touch with your ancestral linkages – their legacy
  • Understand how things function on a fundamental level
  • Learn from causality – Other peoples experience
  • Never grow up and become too serious, unless it is life threatening
  • Maintain a balanced perspective on events in your life
  • You are mortal, engage yourself in both what you have to do, but don’t want to and what youlike to do with the same vim and vigor.
  •  Pain is your friend, it makes you realize you’re not dead, just doing things inappropriately.

The human condition is frail, don’t be surprised when we act out, we are irrational
There are times you will experience moments of exhortation, saver them, they are priceless
Learn how to make a good cup of tea
It is in the process that we learn the value of our actions. Take time to cultivate the act and
resultant feelings that give you your desired outcomes.
Your mother and father are human, so are your siblings
Looking to the future possibilities is what will keep you yearning for life
Always leave room for the ‘other’ in life
Sometimes the purpose of one’s help is not supportive of what you want
Understanding the motives of those around you will calm your anxiety.

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I Promise/Guarantee… No promises, no guarantees just Deed – this is proof positive!

Are you still asking for earthly things?

If you are, you are missing the point of a supreme being. He, It, The Source, must be able to support you in ways far greater than material stuff. My house master would exclaim in fits of exasperation, ‘God, give me strength!’ Now that’s a pray.

If you have ever worked in hospice care you will understand the concept to ‘Die and be there’ – read Bhagavad-Gita. Mahatma Gandhi did and he removed the greatest empire from India to persecute man kind, the British.

How about asking for…





mental fortitude


It is the intangibles that support the tangible outcomes in our life. The things we ask most.

How about simply having FAITH!

Your mind –for mind power

Identify intangible assets that give tangible results. Your gut instinct is all you really have.

If you ever want to have a good relationship with someone, cultivate a garden or take care of a pet. It is in your willingness to provide for such life, the care for such life that assures this life that you care.

On education:
Mum use to sing, “Cram it in Shove it in, children’s heads are hollow, They must Learn the Things Today that they will Need Tomorrow”.

Tomorrow is why you learn the knowledge today so that you can manage the changes of tomorrow.

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