I was invited by Professor, Osama Eljabiri from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark campus to attend their Capstone program evenings activities. A program that matches the graduating class students (200) in technology with companies (36) that were seeking high level talent for existing and or pending projects. A match up of monumental proportions. Now this is no ordinary speed dating contest. No, no, this is the holy grail of identifying partners through a simple yet intense process of presentations, offerings and sizing up the wares (as in dishes) being presented.

In change management and project management speak, there is clearly a structural and intentional approach to ensure all parties walk away with what they need.

What is apparently obvious as the evenings activities got under way was the need for basic, fundamental human communications. Eye contact, pleasant smile if not a simple smirk and then all attention was placed on the company presenter offering their opportunity to be involved in a unique and challenging project. All night questions haled at one another in order to determine that what was said was heard and received and the skills offered both in verbal and written format (the Resume) matched the request being made.

Realizing that the prerequisite skills had to be in place the real challenge of the evening was having the willingness to communicate in an understandable manner with an acceptable demeanor that one party can bring solutions to the second party’s project. Conversely, the second party’s project is seen as beneficial and challenging to the first party. The choice of dance being the determining factor in both parties accepting the engagement. Both parties being enthusiastic about what they both were getting involved with, anticipating the comradery of working together and of course the desired outcome matching the scope of first discussions. There was no room from ‘muda’ in the room that night.

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September 22, 2014

A unifying proposition for project management and change management to coexist. Let me clarify.

In change management, there is an approach to ensure all parties walk away with what they need.
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