When you are seeking to get your point across and you realize the audience is not buying it, getting it and certainly not connecting with you, what do you do? What can you do?

At this juncture, bold steps are best. Bold steps as in asking your audience what are you hearing from me that is a disconnect to what you thought you would hear? Here are 5 areas in which you would improve the experience for those you are speaking with, the experience they walk away with that makes them come back and your ability to have them bring you in for more.

Reason 1.
Did you research the audience, their interests, industry HOT-TOPICS & ISSUES.did you do any intel collecting and recon of your stakeholders concerns and hot-buttons? Todays research tools for business engagement let alone the social media platforms that shed light on a vast amount fo information means you have no excuse.

Reason 2.
When you spoke with the event coördinator, did you ask a series of fact finding questions to show you are concerned and invested in their success…alongn with that of the attendees? Note, I did not mention your success. These two bodies of concern will insure your success

Reason 3.
Do you have a survey and questionnaire for pulse taking? Yes both a survey, short and to the point for attendees to complete, typically over the intra company email servers. And a broad questionnaire that takes into account all manner of technical and fundamental aspects of their industry, economic landscape, legislative regulations, inside and outside stakeholder interests to be served and that all encompassing wild card I call the NASA ‘Other’ category. This is really asking them whats on your mind, question

Reason 4.
Did you look up the competition and see how your client fairs in the industry? Whats the conversation? Is the talent moving south or trying to get in? In other words do you have relationships with headhunters and recruiters at all levels that serve this industry.


Reason 5.
Are you aware of the timing to engage your prospect, client and or foe? Henry Kissinger was notorious for knowing when to engage with international trade counterparts. A personal matter could throw a wrench in the conversation. Not being sensitive to internal assaults on key management could put you on the wong side of an otherwise winning equation.

These 5 observations can be considered the starting point of a successful conversation. Now did you consider your own disposition? Your intellectual aptitude and cultural ignorance? Ops! we better start again.

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Ronald M. Allen

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