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3 Modalities of Effective Coaching – Salutogenisis

Salutogenisis and Coaching

This paper presents findings from a proof of concept pilot study that explored the usefulness
of a new Salutogenic model in coaching practice. The model aligns with the positive mindset
inculcated in coaching, health, and well-being initiatives, and was developed and tested by three
coaches who work in executive coaching, eco-coaching and life coaching.

The study enabled the study coaches to test whether the Salutogenic model could contribute to the well-being of the study coaches, and was generic enough to be of use in different coaching areas of expertise. In order to ascertain this the study coaches ran a triangulated study, using not only the three areas of coaching expertise but also multiple sources of data collection and both individual and team coaching; all of which implies robustness of the study findings.

The model was developed and refined through reflective iterative cycles, during which the study coaches identified ways the model could be used in practice. The model proved to be adaptable for use by each of the study coaches, and produced positive outcomes for the study coaches

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