Introduce Change Management in Context

Introduce Change Management in Context

Prosci’s Five Tenets of Change Management help you provide context and introduce the value of change management in terms of project success. Why do we need change management? The answer may seem obvious to those of us who are change management practitioners. Still, we can get caught up in the details of our current change initiatives and forget about the roots of our practice, or we may struggle in explaining the need for change management in a clear and simple way to those who are unfamiliar with the practice. Prosci’s Five Tenets of Change Management aim at providing a clear and simple answer to the question, “Why change management?” These tenets create a starting point and lay the foundation for answering that question. So, if you have become consumed by the intricacies of a current change initiative, or if you could use more tools to build buy-in for change management within your organization, this tutorial allows you to take a step back and consider the need for change management at the elemental level. The five tenets are:

  1. We change for a reason
  2. Organizational change requires individual change
  3. Organizational outcomes are the collective result of individual change
  4. Change management is an enabling framework for managing the people side of change
  5. We apply change management to realize the benefits and desired outcomes of change

Now we can use these tenets to lay the foundation for explaining and justifying change management.

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