A Cultural Perspective Towards Change

A Cultural Perspective Towards Change

As we move through life we get a sense that there are many perspectives on how work, relationships and life itself can be managed. With every aspect of our lives being challenged due primarily to technology, the human factor is brought into question as to our ability to adapt and optimize the changing landscape. As much as we try to ‘blend’ cultures and ‘blurr’ the meaning of solidarity in the new frontier of what is a citizen, what is a patriarch, what is the new order of things. None the less our cry to call out for individual respect and acceptance of how we wish too be treated resonates through us all.

This paper begins to shed light on how cultural change within a firm is influenced due to the restructuring of organizational relationships as businesses are merged. “The change process in each organization is unique in each situation, due to the differences in the nature of the organization, the nature of the business, the work culture and values, management and leadership style, and also the behavior and attitude of the employees. Further, the risk of failure is greater as people are generally resistant to changes. For some, change may bring satisfaction, joy and advantages, while for others the same change may bring pain, stress and disadvantages”.

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