A Metaphor for Hope – What Dreams Are Made Of

When investing your money, there is an expression that investors use to highlight the opportunity of earning a greater rate-of-return on one investment over another. It is referred to as the economic opportunity!

When speaking of the human condition we seek to understand the underlining issue causing us to limit our potential. Specifically when we discuss depression, stress and or anxiety we seem to forget that there are options to how we can view our situation. In this case we refer to our desires as future best hopes!

As a metaphor for this post, allow me to introduce you to the Echinopsis, also known as the Easter lily cactus or night-blooming hedgehog. Yes, I know I am a tad bit early, Easter is not the focal point of this writing. The Echinopsis produces a striking white flower on tall tubes and emits a fragrant blossom that opens up at night.

Here is the point.

How can we look at investments with optimism, despite the uncertainty of a favourable rate of return? When we see a psychiatrist or clinical counsellor (EAP) where we dig up the past with little solace to be earned, what value is derived from this futile exercise? Looking at how the Echinopsis bears fruit from a dark environment can help us to focus on what is most important even during our life’s challenges.

Remember, Hopes and Dreams are what life’s best experiences are made of and remembered. What questions are you asking yourself when you find that your invested time is not bearing fruit? How are you addressing your uncertainty that resides in the dark corners of your mind? What is your best future self to be? Can you focus on those emotional needs even in the dead of the night and Bloom?

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