Every day we are presented with two choices. A, to hide from life and experience pain and suffering or B, to engage and create a life with others so that we may grow and florish.

I call this “Identifying your Intangible Assets in producing Tangible Results”

My consulting firm, Managing Change, LLC has provided Business Consulting, Coaching & Mentoring and presented Keynote Strategic sessions for clients such as the United.States Army Corp of Engineers, Morgan Stanley, Hewlett Packard, McKinsey & Co., Rowan College at Burlington County, New Jersey.

My approach has always been to approach each opportunity in a collaborative manner working to be a partner.

“Ronald’s contribution to our product was vital to it’s success. His ability to adapt, learn, motivate, and educate our employees made our jobs easier”.

Working in the public sector I have earned Senate Citations from two New Jersey Senators. My business partnerships include Cloe Madanes & Anthony Robbins Strategic Intervention training. I am an approved member of the Ken H. Blanchard, Blanchard Partner Network. A contributing writer for the Forbes Coaches Council. I have taught Project Management Certification for Grey Campus for the past 3 years. Adjunct faculty teacher for Delaware Technical Community College for 2 years.

As a business consultant, life coach/mentor and professional speaker, I am on a journey that specializes in supporting individuals, couples and families. To identify your Intangible Assets so that you will produce Tangible Results.

I welcome you to read my recommendations I have received over the years. Take stock in the communities I have both built and been a part of across three professions. And now as I enjoy the years ahead, take a look at what I am seeking to create, just like you, and let’s see if we are suitable to help one another moving forward.

Be seeing you!

Ronald M. Allen