Adopting Mutual Collaborations = Resource Optimization

As a certified mentor for SBA-SCORE, I am privy to read up on timely articles and related research about the trends in business that forge change. Here is one such article about creating mutual collaborations across business and service lines from SBA-SCORE that I feel you would be well informed to know.

Deloitte recently launched a study of people challenges in business, Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2017, and the results were notable.

Among the 10,000+ companies who responded (in over 140 countries), the top issue on leaders’ minds is “actively building organizational ecosystems and networks” to meet the demands of the workforce and business climate today. The conclusion, after almost a year of study, is that today’s digital world of work has shaken the foundation of organizational structure, shifting from the traditional functional hierarchy to one Deloitte calls a “network of teams.” This new model of work is forcing us to change job roles and job descriptions; rethink careers and internal mobility; emphasize skills and learning as keys to performance; redesign how we set goals and reward people; change the role of leaders.

In 2018, Deloitte finds this trend continues with a concept they have coined “the symphonic C-suite” that allows organizations to “tap opportunities, manage risks, and build relationships with internal and external stakeholders.” Clearly, this shift in organizational mindset as well as SCORE’s Futures Initiative research support one another. Changes in the way individuals want volunteers, also state to us clearly that changes in our recruiting and onboarding process needs to take place.

Another example of this is the integration of departments in a service and product life cycle. Read on Stronger together: How finance and marketing should collaborate to maximize profitable demand

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