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AI Will Not Replace the need to Engage. It Has Become Another Medium

The couple who keep each other warm.

How ironic, books are still a significant medium from which we still read about industry trends,auto biographies about peoples lives and both fact and fictional stories that illuminate our curiosities.

The story behind this burgeoning evolution in technology started way back when the brain conceptualized about an altered state. Oh, you thought it was only recently that artificial intelligence was a 20th-century phenomenon! It actually dates back to antiquity when theologians, philosophers and mathematicians mulled over the idea that what if aliens of some sort of artificial beings, mechanical in nature, and other automatons had existed that created this ability in another life form than human.

Thanks to these early thinkers, what we now refer to artificial intelligence has became increasingly more tangible since the early 1700’s. These same theologians, philosophers and mathematicians contemplated how human thinking could be complied into a series of mechanized reasoning and learn to expand on this platform by some form of associative programming, hence a learning capability even if at first very basic in nature. This thinking fueled interest in artificial intelligence to further consider  how to manipulate mathematical calculations and formulas, eventually creating a programmable digital computer, which was named the Atanasoff Berry Computer (ABC) in the 1940’s. This inspired scientists to creating what was then referred to as an “electronic brain,” or an artificially intelligent being.

Today the applications of artificial intelligence in our lives has changed and will continue to change both howwe engage with one another,more over how the next generations think the possibilities of providing goods and services for

Walmart uses AI to facilitate inventory at a more reliable level and hence reduce human labor while affecting efficiencies.
China is using head ban sensors to monitor learning among high school children with real time live feedback to both school teachers, staff and the child’s parents.
Military complexes have already deployed both tracking and defense systems that work independent of human management.
Logistics across a wide band of systems use artificial  intelligence to track inventory and move goods to points of sale and purchase with less interaction by and with human contact.
…and least we ignore the home invasion of multiple systems such as your Smart devise, your tele and for those that select to invest in a $2000 and up fridge, these devise provide real time feedback to their carriers of what we are doing, when we are doing it and how much time we spend doing it…ouch!

Bottom line, our behavior is being monitored on a second by second basis and our ability to self manage is what is at stake at the personal level. Hence the skills of the coach must take into consideration these dynamic trends and modalities of how we are being monitored and their impact on our behavior lives.

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Ronald M. Allen