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An Industry Moving Through Change

Talk about a game changer.

At the Healthcare & IT panel series held December 11th at NJIT, on the Campus Center in Newark NJ there was discussion about reading vital signs through obvious and yet fascinatingly simple methods. By analyzing the liquids in the liver, physicians can ‘read’ your medical history and begin to diagnose treatment without the usual intrusive methods. I am sure it has taken quite some time and the use of many brain cells to realize this ‘simple’, point of access in acquiring one’s medical history. It is from the combination of new technology and the fresh perspective from careful study of one’s biology of what is in and discharged from the liver that has made this diagnoses possible. Dr. Peter Kaplan Program Director at Menssana, heads up this effort. What is most interesting is the collaboration and partnership of private interest and both public and academic engagement that has made this possible.

Another astute and beneficial addition to the medical field is the work being conducted by Dr. Yi Chen, Associate Professor and Henry J. Leir Chair in Healthcare at the School of Management at NJIT. She has brought to our attention the vast amount of data being compiled and analyzed for preventative application of multiple diseases that can be shared across social media.

Uses include:
a) Provide general care derived from the data source (to qualify that a certain treatment works)
b) Confirm specific care being taken by the patient. Remote monitoring
c) Draw down on gender specific experience for any given medicines being prescribed and
d) Building community around issues and or illnesses in creating a chart that shows specific patterns,
    reactions and behavior towards a specific treatment.

One interesting avenue of discussion was the use of social media in creating smart and connected tribes of patients discussing their unique condition and response to a medication. Data derived from this ‘community of conversation’, can be used to address issues from clinical trial findings in half the time it usually takes. Additionally, an issue on most of our minds is the interaction of multiple prescriptions on the subject in question.

In building on the discussion above Mr. Bala Thirumalainambi, Director at Meaningful Use, NJ Innovation Institute brought to our attention the three stages of establishing an effective records system.

Note, The Direct Project focuses on the transport of health information, but Direct alone does not produce “interoperability.” Interoperability enables two or more disparate systems to communicate information meaningfully, and it requires three prerequisite predefined components: Transport, Content, and Vocabulary . In order for systems to inter operate, they must determine

∙ How they will send and receive their messages (e.g., Direct Project-specified transport), 

∙ The structure and format of their exchanged content (e.g., a Continuity of Care Document), and 

∙ What terms they will use within their content (e.g., SNOMED Clinical Terminology).


The Direct Project provides only the first of these three prerequisite components. 

Through informatics another paradigm shift in information management which provides the ability to share and read medical records. All stakeholders are able to read at a laypersons level the required information necessary to treat the patient.  Mr. Anthony M. Ferrante Director of Business Development at Computer Design and Integration, LLC and Mr. Tomas Gregorio, Sr. Executive Director at New Jersey Innovation Institute an NJIT Corporation.

Another game changer is the work Dr. David Lubliner and his work on Masasive Multiplay Online Gaming (MMOG) providing insight in recognizing responses to stimuli under game situations. The ability to stimulate brain activity and record for use across multiple conditions has been seen to bring about new frontiers in medicine. You may recall my posting about Jane McGonical on and her work in Gamification. Right – On! MRI are also seeing innovative applications of hand held devices to perform what whole system that usually take up have a room will soon be held in the palm of your hands and the data will be sent directly to our physicians in seconds.

So what has these applications and technology driven developments have to do with the average employee and their skills? The art and science of change management provide support that enables a higher level of engagement by more and more of a company’s employees at all levels to be engaged in the use of these changes so that long term acceptance can be assured and maintained?

The bottom line is there has to be a change management protocol that pulls together the diverse and immensely broad base capabilities of the employee so that their contributions can be harnessed and made a part of the new protocols that they will have to work with. David Kotter has framed the methodology that many businesses have embraced to insure the level of engagement and long term adoption to the new system.  Additional reading: Change Management in HER Implementation.

The success of a change project is measured by the ability to engage the employee from the beginning of a change initiative so that they are a part of the new order of things. This will ensure their buy in which in turn assures long term retention and a greater percentage of use across all business lines. You could say it is the highest level of social acceptance of a new system driven by the employees, supported by the employees with the optimal use achievable.

Thank you for reading this article.

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Be seeing you!
Ronald M. Allen

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