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Are You Aware of Your Unknown Unknowns? Part Two

“When it is not necessary to make a decision, it is necessary not to make a decision”.
Lucius Cary, 2nd Viscount Falkland (16101643).

At time in life as in business no action is not only preferred, it is the best action to take. World leaders have the input of advisers, corporations have council and those with the financial coin and value of objectivity can enjoy the guidance of a consultant in pressing matters.

It is those that understand risk and the need to guard against the unknown, weather the storms of life better than most. We all can better manage this latter state so many find themselves in with the support and care of a coach.

How quickly we can find ourselves at the precipice of life when just yesterday we believed our lives where so certain. A watchful eye, a view of the horizon and a willingness to test our perspectives will serve us in good stead.

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