Interpersonal Communications January 24 2020

What’s At Stake When Interpersonal Communications Fail?

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Who Says Brick and Mortar are DEAD?

Until we can reduce the cost of transportation, the brick and mortar store fronts will maintain their value as a next day deliver mandate that business psychologist and those in logistics have created. For project managers at all levels of the service cycle, this is a gold mine of an opportunity to identify processes and […]


Servant Leadership: Who Is Ultimately Responsible For Your People’s Success?

The emotional high of going to work and being among a group of productive associates, fellow employees with a common goal and supported by an understood incentive, moves people to act like no other force. The key elements are that the employees feel part of something bigger than themselves. They have a sense of purpose. […]


Just Pick Three Strategy – Identifying What is Most Significant and Working Towards Achieving It.

Identifying What is Most Significant. Asking the right questions at the appropriate time in a conversation with a client can reveal some interesting challenges, I ask a simple question. What are the three most significant issues, challenges, opportunities you feel you need to address at this time that will provide the greatest benefits in your […]


The Value of Your Employees In A Company Merge

Capital appreciation, market evaluation and the growth expectation of a company are all steeped in the intellectual capital of its people. Yet when businesses merge or reorganize, employees are in many cases undervalued, let go or thrown to the side when owners seek to cut costs. The stock market, however, with its technical and fundamental […]


How To Hire And Maximize Talent Development From A Global Pool Of Labor

There has been a dramatic shift in the search for talent over the past two decades, with notable recent invitations from France and Canada to professionals from America to relocate for work opportunities. International opportunities are driving job-specific and skill-specific labor pools to seek out the best positions around the world. International labor migration figures have […]


The Purpose of Your Communications

What is your purpose in communicating with another person? Perhaps you are seeking to relay a request about your desire to connect and pursue a relationship. Or maybe, direct an individual or group of people to move across a causeway for safety. On the other hand, you may be seeking clarification on a topic under discussion. […]


AI Will Not Replace the need to Engage. It Has Become Another Medium

How ironic, books are still a significant medium from which we still read about industry trends,auto biographies about peoples lives and both fact and fictional stories that illuminate our curiosities. The story behind this burgeoning evolution in technology started way back when the brain conceptualized about an altered state. Oh, you thought it was only […]


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