Thanksgiving Card 2020

May peace be among you.

May you and your loved ones have peace of mind during these turbulent times. May peace be among you.

Hermon Mehari Jazz

Hermon Mehari – A Change for the Dreamlike

What are you learning about yourself and how you process your experiences? Infuse your culture and find solace. Seek a calming medium and release your sole. Change the physical stimulants around you and peace you will find within. Do you know Eritrea and its history? Thank you for reading this Read More ->

Banner on web site Nov 2020

Game Changer – Managing Life’s Changes Online Learning Community

Today’s technology, outsourcing capabilities and on-demand learning when, where and how you want it…small is no longer an excuse. Visit us at                 And select your course, join our Community and take full advantage of our             Read More ->

Let's Elevate The Species

How To Begin Cultural Engagement – Just Be Intentional

Don’t Ever Give Up is a slogan pinned in my office that reminds me that when the road to what you want is long and arduous, ‘Don’t Give Up’. After all, that is precisely what the opposition to a healthy, safe, and forward-looking culture seeks – dispair! Now listen to Read More ->

United We Stand - Brotherhood of Man

We Need To Reflect Now – Brotherhood Of Man, Man!

No matter who wins in this year’s Presidential election, self-control and our intent of what we care for the future will be paramount. Do we continue to exhibit the primordial underdeveloped nature of our past or do we elevate the conversation and benefit from the possibilities of sharing insights, resources Read More ->


My Cobblers – Do Your Think He Thinks Its Safe?

Do you remember the movie Marathon Man, produced by John Schlesinger, starring Laurence Olivier and Dustin Hoffman. So the question is, is it safe to go back into large groups and social gatherings? Games where our children certainly enjoy themselves and parents and onlookers glean a sense of this time Read More ->

Jane McGonical

We Are Evolving Through Gamification – Now 20 Years In The Making

I am working on setting up an engaging online course and came across this site. I read about its developers some 3 years ago. Jane McGonigal did a thesis on Gamification and how high-school kids spend the equivalent of 10,000+ hours, the same amount of time youth spend in high Read More ->


McGuire Achievers – November 4th Virtual – Mentorship Meeting

Good afternoon all. The benefit of our membership, dear I say fellowship, is the safe, supportive, and encouraging environment you will find yourself in. McGuire Achievers – Toastmasters International You may say, you have come to develop your self-confidence when speaking out loud! You may say you wish to develop Read More ->

People Using DEvices Around a Wooden Table shutterstock_210974194

We Simply Are Not Communicating Effectively – The Metrix Say So

Since 2000, U.S. gross domestic product lost $16 trillion as a result of discriminatory practices in a range of areas, including education and access to business loans, according to a new study by Citigroup. Dana Peterson as Chief Economist shares her insights on Bloomberg Equality. Dana’s extensive knowledge of both the Read More ->

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