Building a collaborative effort is all about intent. The challenge is to bring these diverse interests to bear on and focus around how to go about achieving what is expressed compared to what is desired based on the individual and collective preferences of the stakeholders.

An Alignment Cycle is an innovative service to help a collaborative group translate their opinions on a shared topic into valuable, viable and endorsed plans. Groups using an Alignment Cycle to create their plans take 1/4 of the time to completion and enjoy superior implementation success compared with conventional collaborations. Alignment Cycles are used by Fortune 500 and midsize companies, governments and industry groups to align around strategies, innovation,mergers, policies, business process improvements, alliances and many other topics.

Benefits of Alignment Cycle. Those who have used Alignment
Cycle call it the  most exciting innovation in collaboration
of the past years.

They enjoy the following benefits:

  • significantly improved implementation success
  • increased insight into stakeholder opinions
  • decreased time to completion of initiatives
  • minimized internal resistance to change
  • increased clarity and completeness of plans
  • fact-instead of personality-based reasoning
  • increased employee engagement
  • Usage

Usage  Alignment Cycles are used by collaborative groups
within one, between two or across multiple organizations,
collaborating around a shared topic.

Measure: Within hours, the software collects a team’s complete set of opinions on a topic, with guaranteed anonymity providing peace of mind It then measures the Degree of Alignment around these opinions, within and between subgroups. Participants have an opportunity to switch where their opinion deviates from the majority, or provide reasoning for their point of view.

Maximize: Alignment Analytics make intelligent observations about alignment so the team can pin point the necessary conversations. Misalignments are triaged for resolution, using innovative on-line techniques to reconcile. Aligned opinions are transformed into a Foundation Document (defining the group’s Case for Action), a Rich Scorecard (with quantified goals and objectives), a time-phased Road Map (including all required action and the owners of those activities), and solutions to validated Barriers to success and other foreseen constraints.

Maintain: Every few months, the software assembles the current state, agreed future state and constraints, to identify any drift in commitment. Alignment Cycle delivery Alignment Cycles are delivered as a service, no need to buy and install software. Delivery is called an “Alignment Cycle” as it normally comprises three steps: (1) Measure and (2) Maximize Alignment, typically completed within 2-8 weeks, then (3) Maintain, which is designed to regain alignment around any “drift”, after implementation has started.