Bye-Bye 2011! Hello 2012!

Bye-Bye 2011! Hello 2012!

My wife and I extend a heartfelt goodwill and healthy New Year to you all.

We trust you will seek a gambit that…
Shares concepts that help others deal with the challenges in their life.
Provide an alternative solution to obstacles others are facing.
Exhibit reason at times of disagreement among colleagues.
Embrace multiple cultural approaches to addressing business issues.
Adjust your diet so your body will optimize levels of energy.
Cultivate your many skills to take advantage of career opportunities.
Learn to understand what motivates you and stay in that mode.
Remember your mate is an individual and embrace their unique personality.
Push yourself beyond your comfort zone and see what you learn about yourself.
Mentor someone and learn what their strengths are that you can benefit from.
Work to achieve results that show you are grateful.

Above all else, as is Shakespeare’s Hamlet, ‘To thy own self be true.

Ronald & Miriam Anderson-Allen
2011 – 2012

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Ronald M. Allen

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