Can AI recognize Moderation? – The Gold Rush That Is Putting You Out Of Work

AI Recognize Moderation: If you think academic skills will protect you from the wave of AI systems impacting our lives think again. Sophisticated applications are being designed, applied and already learning our mentality while their essential constructs of right and wrong deviate from our free-thinking consciousness.
What do I mean?
In any given confrontation, and AI has already been applied in civilian environments to discern what ‘law definition it must follow’, it will act quite differently than a human given the same set of circumstances. i.e. A child combatant would be killed if it presents a threat as defined by the parameters of what is the likelihood of a confrontation. A trained human soldier or law enforcement officer would have that human element of assessing and differentiating, civility and correctness (self-judgement) as to what level of force would be best applied given the present circumstances.
Read on and recognize how we must begin to mentally understand these differences as AI becomes embedded in our society.
Does artificial intelligence pose a risk to humans? AI recognize Moderation:

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