Can we think past our Current Existence

Can we think past our Current Existence

Misunderstanding of the present grows fatally from the ignorance of the past.
Marc Bloch, French 1886-1944 (Born Marc LĂ©opold Benjamin Bloch)

A question that comes up from time to time is whether we are capable of thinking past our current existence of time. When conversations include the word CHANGE, are we capable of moving past the time we have on this planet and think of how our thoughts impact how we interact with one another? Over and above the actions of leaders, educators and community stakeholders charged with progressing a single mind of thought can I, can you bring yourself out of the equation and consider what you do that supports an inclusionary perspective for the well being of your race, the human race as it relates to CHANGE? Even if you look at your job and those you manage and interact with all day long are you building a belief that embraces change and the powerful learning experiences it provides?

Now it gets interesting.

Can you think of the human race as one body?

Are you still of the belief we are that differant?

Are you still using the governmental, geo-political parlance of RACE-GENDER-CULTURE-identity?

In order to embrace change, a broader perspective of our reality should be considered so our current constructs are moved forward to include what has not been thus far and what is not popular today. Even our understanding of our social interactions are challenged because of the perspective we bring to any discussion. Consider how you feel towards various nationalities and you begin to feel the constructs of your upbringing brought into question. They are the real challenge when it comes to change. They rule our behaviour in the work place. They dictate what is and is not off limits even though a dialogue may reveal a differant reality. Otherwise known as, what is not popular

Some example of limiting belief constructs.
i.e. Our partners in life, Women contribute to the well beining of our families, businesses and health of the RACE equally to their male partners! RACE as it is defined today is a limiting construct. Hence the real benefit of conversaton and thought is constrained for most of us! Do you still see the current social identity of others first or do you strive to hear one’s perspective on an issue so that you can engage in meaningful dialogue?

Change is only difficult if you need it in your time. Change is frustrating if you accept our current precurser to what it takes to make things different. Methodologies do not make change possible. Perspective and the removal of our need to make it happen within our time frees us up to engage in and realize it is happening all the time. Look into history and see all the changes nations have witnessed over time and then look at your own challenges in business, with your family and that which is personal. You will see how these seemingly insurmountable challenges have been addressed for the benefit of the larger population even with the extremist wanting all or nothing. Being willing to think past our current existance frees us up from the limiting thoughts and beliefs that restrain us from day to day engagement that provide answers and create solutions.

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