Interpersonal Communications January 24 2020

What’s At Stake When Interpersonal Communications Fail?

  Thank you for reading this article. Did you find this article interesting? Then subscribe for FREE to The Managing Change NewsReel Newsletter. A monthly perspective on world issues relating to managing life’s changes. Taking into account how we engage with ourselves (You the Id), peering into the Family with all its social dynamics. We will […]

Buddhist nun in Choglamsar in the Leh Valley

Who Are You Working With?

Before you make a comment about this being another article on the liberties of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer or questioning individuals in our society, let’s refocus our attention on the intent of any interaction with another person and the conversations of how we think about any given topic before we speak. …and not […]

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Tis The Season To Be Depressed…or Not!

First off let’s interrupt our own thought pattern of the source of our depression. It’s not the season, it’s the expectation of what we should have accomplished, what we have allowed others to plant in our minds that we should be doing and what obligations we feel we owe others primarily in the form of […]

A girl from the Oromo tribe in eastern Ethiopia wearing striking colours John Kenny

The Tail Wags the Dog

Season’s Greetings to all. As we head on into 2020 what are your hopes, dreams and expectations of what you will accomplish? Perhaps a tangent thought taken from an event can put things in perspective.Our perspectives and intentions are cultivated from social, cultural and economic roots tend to affect our personal interpretations and by extension […]

Best Smiles in the World

Who Do You Address First?

In the book, Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communications, the authors Kim Giffin and Bobby R. Patton, speak about self communication as the first stage of sharing information and ideas.A challenge that is recognized in today’s social interactions that supports our need to communicate effectively is our inability to arrest our inner voices. An emotional inner scream […]


Just Pick Three Strategy – Identifying What is Most Significant and Working Towards Achieving It.

Identifying What is Most Significant. Asking the right questions at the appropriate time in a conversation with a client can reveal some interesting challenges, I ask a simple question. What are the three most significant issues, challenges, opportunities you feel you need to address at this time that will provide the greatest benefits in your […]


The Purpose of Your Communications

What is your purpose in communicating with another person? Perhaps you are seeking to relay a request about your desire to connect and pursue a relationship. Or maybe, direct an individual or group of people to move across a causeway for safety. On the other hand, you may be seeking clarification on a topic under discussion. […]

The Science of Unmasking Our Smiles

Using Visualization as Conditioning 

In my work with behavioral and developmentally challenged people, I ask a simple yet profound question taken from Dr. Elliott  Connie’s work in Solution Focused Brief Therapy. What would your ideal life experience be like  should you wake up one day and realize/feel it? The question asks the person to look within and visualize while […]

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Even Better Than Rewards 

What rewards ignite passion in you? What rewards do your employees and clientele recognize? Are you aware of the needs of those you say you love and do you actively help to provide for the attainment of those desires? Should your response be indifference, then you may have  just realize the indifference you feel within […]

The couple who keep each other warm.

AI Will Not Replace the need to Engage. It Has Become Another Medium

How ironic, books are still a significant medium from which we still read about industry trends,auto biographies about peoples lives and both fact and fictional stories that illuminate our curiosities. The story behind this burgeoning evolution in technology started way back when the brain conceptualized about an altered state. Oh, you thought it was only […]

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