Change is that constant issue of Creating

Change is that constant issue of Creating, Developing and Producing a life. The unfortunate soles who see change as negative, difficult and unwanted have been given a difficult task of thought.

Why is this happening to me?
Why do I have to change the way I have always done this?
What will I get out of this change?
When did things become so difficult?
Where will this lead me when all is said and done?
How will I be able to handle this change?
Will I be able to handle this changed world?

All of these expressions of despair negate the fact that up until now inclusive of everything you have done, has been under the umbrella of change. Every interaction involved a new experience called change. Every learned motor skill involves an adaptation towards understanding, called change. Engaging with other people requires you to change. What you fail to realize is that you have had a guiding force, supporting your beliefs in what you have been doing hence making the concept of change invisible.

Think back and consider the following. Your parents, a guardian perhaps a confident has helped you get to where you are today. You have been shown how to fix a mechanical device. You were shown directions to go from point A to point B. An itinerary was prepared for you to follow. A team came together to discuss the challenges of creating and producing a desired outcome. Your expectations of relationships, employment, education and social interactions have been guided by outside forces confirming what is right and wrong. It is not surprising then that we have allowed ourselves to be conditioned into a false reality of how things work, happen and behave?

Your blue print for life is not serving your needs and is evidenced by the litmus test we call, how are things going for you. If your answer is questionable then change in the right direction and    be able to continue to engage yourself in life’s fundamental need…to Create, Develop and Produce.

By engaging in these three processes you will find that whatever you are naturally drawn to will find the inspiration to sustain your energy, free yourself from internal and external doubt and seek out like minded individuals that will support your efforts to Create, Develop and Produce whatever you choose.


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Ronald M. Allen

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