“I don’t give recommendations easily and I am glad to promote Ronald and a
valuable resource and engaging personality. I see myself as much better off
for having had the pleasure of working with him”.

Glen, Agile Coach Scrum Master

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What a professional coaching service must provide.

(1) An environment that supports your safe expression of opposing ideas, thoughts, and beliefs so that you can develop both professionally and personally.

(2) It must have a dynamic path, a track that allows you to adjust your approach and methodology of your core constructs that will enable tangible, measurable progress to be made.

(3) The ability to enhance your skills, capabilities and ‘thinking’, that confirms you are being heard.

Coaching and Mentoring

Managing Change, LLC has had the privilege of working to improve employee engagement for major organizations since its beginnings in 2013. We have worked with Fortune 1000 companies such as Sprint, Comcast and Morgan Stanley. Supported youth initiatives such as Year Up and McKinsey & Co, Generations. We have partnered with educational institutions such as Essex County College, Rowan College at Burlington County (formally known as Burlington County College) and Delaware Technical Community College. Our association over the years has included non-profits such as Rotary, Toastmasters and the Arts and Business Council of Greater Philadelphia and the Employee Assistance Professional Association.

Managing Change identifies the intangible assets of your company’s employees in order to produce tangible results at Work, at Play and for our Lives (Berry 1997). By looking at human development in a comprehensive manner the intangible assets become tangible results by engaging the essential needs, skills and interests of the individual in achieving the desired, planned for and measured results on your life’s journey