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Ronald M. Allen your Keynote Speaking Business Partner

When engaging your audience requires cultural intelligence, call me!
When you need to reach your audience virtually without the remotest of issues, call me
Let us discuss what you need before anything else. Let us identify what outcomes are critical for your event to be seen as successful in the minds of your attendees. Let’s just see if I am the right partner for your event before any expectations have been established. Let’s match up your strategic objectives with the venue you are about to put on so we all walk away knowing that this was a mutually beneficial partnership that will last well beyond the day’s emotional highs! I will speak with principals and executives who wish to discuss how we will align your objectives for your next event with the strategic objectives of your business.

Types of engagements provided…
  • Virtual Keynotes
  • Keynote engagements
  • Remote Seminars
  • Union Workshops
  • Employer and Employee Group Discussions
  • Live or Pre-Recorded
  • Management Plenary Sessions
  • Community Based Engagements
  • College Youth and Teen Chats
  • Co-Branding Opportunities
  • Fireside Chats’ for Small Groups
  • Business Associations
  • Written testimonials say a lot about the benefits one gets from our working together…

    Ronald was the facilitator for my program. He was engaging and is a clear communicator in aiding the session to be understood as some of the discussion points were complex topics. His approach was collaborative and allowed the attendees to make connections to the topics within their own personal careers which allowed for better understanding of the material. He was a wonderful facilitator to work with and his keynote conversation was refreshing and bold. He allowed the audience to participate real time. Who does that!

    Now invite me to have a chat and identify the walkaway and sustainable benefits of working together. Your next event, keynote session, or perhaps your convention opening and segment announcements, plenary sessions, breakout workshops will be impacted because we both identified what you want, what your audience needs and how it will be achieved…together!

    Call me today, so your team will benefit tomorrow!
    Office: +1 609-556-9816 

      Keynote Speaking Topics

      • Managing Change thru Effective Communications
      • Redefining the Meaning of Employee/Employer Relations in Serving your Customers
      • Identifying your Intangible Assets in producing your desired Tangible Results
      • Friending Your Leadership Style
      • Cultural Intelligence
      • Strategic Thinking for Improved Communications
      • Alignment Optimization for Stakeholder Interests

      Past Clients

      • McKinsey & Co., Generations
      • Morgan Stanley
      • HomeCorp. non-profit housing provider
      • National Basketball Association
      • Essex County College
      • Delaware Technical County College
      • National Association of Housing
      • Wells Fargo
      • City of Paterson, New Jersey
      • National Grid
      • AIS/Boeing, National Security Training
      • Dime Savings Bank
      • Long Island Savings Bank
      • Rowan College at Burlington
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      Managing Life's Changes
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      not be compromised by the virus
      Covid19 - HIPAA compliant.