Connecting Is Easier Thank You Think!

Connecting with others is all about…

From the early morning chatter of waking up from your sleep (your early morning alpha state) welcoming the day, to the multitude of mid-day conversations that express your ability to engage meaningfully while conversing with family ,friends and colleagues. To the late night tales of how you sleighed the days dragons and rose victoriously expressing yourself with eloquent conversations, elaborating your desire to improve your ability to communicate naturally, confidently with others, is witnessed by those around you. You now realize you are indeed an effective communicator, competent in every way.

Connecting with others involves appreciating the following aspects of the arena called interaction.

A. Recognize what you want

B. Understand your style of communication

C.  What is the subject of your conversation

D. Who are you speaking with

By valuing these four aspects of a multitude of such key components to effective communications when connecting with others will provide you more success in achieving your outcomes you desire.

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Ronald M. Allen