Freud could not Keep Up with an Average Google Employee

Freud could not Keep Up with an Average Google Employee

I had the opportunity to listen to an interview with David Peterson, a coach at Google and learn that what I have been doing is not just right, it is right for ME!

Let us investigate…

We have all been exposed to and some quite deeply immersed by the works of Sigmund Freud, the late Austrian neurologist, died September 1939. His work in neurology is still used today along with many of his findings in the study of psychology and physiology. Considering he was at the forefront of these sciences the learning curve and acceptance was grave.

Today, our minds act like curious kids in a romper room seeking distilled information that when tested in real time is accepted or thrown out as quickly as it is uttered from one’s mouth.

We are more curious.

Our minds have been exposed to many more concepts, realities and experiences.

We do not seek the direction of another more so to share an alternative thought so that we may test its validity and appropriate use in our world.

Here comes the conundrum. Since we are all the test subjects of the pedagogy educational system, it is not at all surprised that we are still seeking pier acceptance of what we do, how we do it and whether the ‘group’ as a whole accepts our perspective, still! Fortunately many have leap frog over limiting learning environments to the heutagogy process of being actively engaged in the creation of a syllabus  through its evaluation to test its learning value which is no longer the instructor testing us, rather it is how life feeds back an answer of suitability in our execution of concepts. Look up the economic IT boom in San Fransisco 2008 – present.

Heutagogy is the study of self-determined learning … It is also an attempt to challenge some ideas about teaching and learning that still prevail with teacher centered learning and the need for, as Bill Ford (1997) eloquently puts it, ‘knowledge sharing’ rather than knowledge hoarding.”

Mr. Peterson shared the need for a coach to learn how to reach the person they are working with at their preferred place of ‘information exchange and learning’. This requires the coach to constantly develop their skills in a broad fashion so that they become aware of more and more modalities of learning, knowledge of the world and how it and business works and to Freud’s contribution, understand at a deeper level how we as humans, individual humans, process information.

We are not vessels waiting to be filled. We are vessels seeking experiences that help us develop aspects of ourselves so that we are more capable of dealing with life.

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