Fundamentals of Change –

Fundamentals of Change –

Typically we think of change in anyone of four areas. Personal identified areas of one’s life requiring change, family dynamics of change, group change, organizational changes brought about by internal and external forces and environmental change that is caused by impacts on our ecology. Part of my think is to add the category, ‘Other’ for areas of opportunity.

Many practitioners and laypeople come to change management with the assumption that change is about solving problems. Many times change is an opportunity to enhance a system that is already working well, Berkshire Hathaway.

The importance of change is both a. to improve the current situation of a business and b. adapt to forces that are affecting a companies ability to deliver their goods and services. An exercise to help employees gain insight is to have them write down what they think change is about and discuss their perspective as to why.

The importance of change in business is to support departmental operations in obtaining desired levels of efficiency in line with the companies strategic plan and vision. Outcomes of this approach are employee engagement, growth opportunities for the individual employee and the organization. Productivity is also realized as innovations are identified and implemented from the input of all stakeholders. Understanding the benefits derived from engaging all participants is crucial as it is their involvement and commitment that increases the percentage of success. Five Tenets of Change Management

Sub categories of the effect on change are customer relations. market environment, employee relations and the over arching impact of technology on every aspect of personal and business needs.

Leading change comes from the top, active participatory involvement from C level thru first day new recruit and inclusive of both internal and external stakeholders. Utilizing a process that permits open contribution of stakeholder perspectives is then needed to capture and record consensus of how change will look, feel and be achieved in optimizing time, energy and capital.

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