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I Feel You – One in a series of four articles

It is fascinating to read that a neighbor, a colleague or perhaps a family member even a family member of your place of worship has been taken ill. We all  gather around and provide some measure of support. But what about those that seem to be rocking and rolling along life’s path and seemingly, unperceptively fall off.

Let’s not be coy. Let me run it down…

Whitney Houston – the signs were glaring yet no one came to her rescue.
Japanese are killing themselves in record numbers. Some 90 people a day committed suicide last year, a
34.7 percent rise over the previous year, according to statistics from the National Police Agency that
provoked the Asahi Shimbun,
➽ Prince (Prince Rogers Nelson) Reliant on external medications to balance a free spirited soul – why?
➽ Veterans who do not receive the level of care required to help them deal with the thoughts and images in
their heads.
➽ Refugees from around the world being displaced from their home lands and separated from their families.
➽ Job loss equals loss of identity, loss of social standing and an inability to provide for your family.
See Up in the Air is a 2009 American comedy-drama, directed by Jason Reitman and written by Reitman
and Sheldon Turner

Trust is a big factor when it comes to interpersonal communications. Whether your speaking with a family member, a close friend you have grown up with or a colleague a number of factors will go into your ability to connect and be accepting of another need to express themselves at a given point in their lives.

Many cultures frown on outward express of sensitivity, yet it is that inner strength we all yearn for.

Social restraint across family dynamics impacts on who we honestly feel we can be ourselves with.

Theological teachings threaten us should we express moments of pain and suffering unless we express these feelings to an outside entity that has been ordained as ‘THE’ source to which we must work through.

and our own inner voice of doubt and fear.

These are just a few of the challenges we all face on a daily bases when addressing life’s challenges and unless you have been there, please hold your comments. Rather take a look at some of the reasons we experience this disconnect and reflection your own abilities to deal with life’s changes. Now, speak with and console your brethren in times of need.

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