If money is our bases for measuring success then why do we…

If money is our bases for measuring success then why do we…

Why do we take the vessel of life and relegate it to a secondary role, instead of ensuring their financial wellbeing?

Why do we systematically and with forethought bastardize our children, our future, while education will serve them to see new horizons and greater possibilities for the human race?

Why do we defecate and spread our fesses on the earth that holds us to its bosom, when working with the ecology allows us to maximize profits long term while securing future use of our so called limited resources?

Who sold us that we are the chosen ones, the creators’ best, and a stewardship of all life? Being a steward, and holding the office of fiduciary responsibility is to hold close the wellbeing of our financial markets so that our diverse cultures can bring resources to the market so all can engage in meaningful trade, maintaining optimum level s of production and performance.

Our charge is to act financially responsibly,

Our charge is to teach prudent financial decision-making processes

Our charge is to help one another gain a better understanding of how markets really work.

…and if we do not then our kind are already financially illiterate and therefore extinct!

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