Ronald M. Allen interviewed by Preparedness Radio Network

Press Release:
For Release: January 23, 2014

Preparedness Radio Network

Ronald M. Allen is an Englishman with Scottish roots, Jewish ancestry and West Indian culture who can energize people about their personal and professional development. He has established and maintained an Interior Design service in New York City for eight years while attending college; achieved success as a Mortgage Banker over the past 20+ years; then transitioned into Business Consultation; became a Speaker; a published author; and finally an Educator/Coach for the last six years+.

As the author of three published books and the soon-to-be released My Castle, My Jail! –– Home Ownership Has Never Been Easier To Lose, and 13 Behavioral Gambits for Success, Ronald provides an eclectic perspective when it comes to optimizing performance by maximizing results through his experiential workshop, Mapping Your Mind for Success.

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Managing Change, LLC. (2007) is an authority on the dynamics of Organizational and Enterprise Change Management. A consulting service and corporate training provider that helps businesses to minimize the loss of revenue and down time experienced by employees due to managerial restructuring, integration of systems and changes in operation work flows along with economic and regulatory rulings that impact the business climate. Managing Change, LLC delivers desired levels of success for projects that rely on employee adoption, utilization and long term retention.

What I Deliver:
I deliver improved Employee Development services for Client Account Retention and Customer Service engagement. Working on measured Business Process Improvement, Leadership and Change Management. Methodologies include Coaching and Mentoring. Keynoting, Seminars, Workshops, Web-based and eLearning for long term adoption, retention and sustainability.

My Unique Benefit:
Managing Change provides a boutique style service minimizing cost and reducing risk. Collaborating with specialist in delivering established outcomes and achieving measurable returns on investments.


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