McGuire Achievers, International Speeches – Club Level

Building camaraderie through effective communications

Here we are again inviting you to our annual International Speech Club Level gathering. Will you make the time for your personal and professional development?

Yes, it is a contest and while the competition is welcomed, our camaraderie and support is what keeps each of us coming back for more. More fun, more personal confidence and more encouraging support to help each of us to reach our individual next level together. So come on out and show your support so we can support you.

Reach out to the club member that you know and or who shared with you ourclub. If your club member haschanged, please give me a call at 609-247-2799 or email me at and I will help you join the evenings fare.

Be seeing you.

Ronald M. Allen

VP Membership

McGuire Achievers Club 3111

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Feel free to provide your perspective on any of the issues and topics I touch on as the true value of any exchange in interpersonal conversations is found in the differences we express.

Be seeing you!
Ronald M. Allen