Mind Mapping: Building Your Confidence With Better Communication Skills

Mind Mapping: Building Your Confidence With Better Communication Skills

I always used to believe there was a particular unspoken understanding among humans, hardwired into our nervous system and that if we act in a certain way then our counterpart will respond so. I was wrong!

I think my confusion stemmed from a misplaced assumption that my counterpart would always respond to my positive acts with an appropriately positive communication! The point is that not everyone receives the same basic social training in the parental home and, therefore, as adults we do not all show the same responses in particular situations.

This can make useful, productive communication at home and at work difficult, creating unnecessary arguments and impeding the progress of your career! Add to this the obvious differences in communicating how one thinks and feels, inherent in a multi-cultural society – and you will understand why Mind Map has proved so useful in personal and workplace training!

Bedrock of Self-Esteem

Good communication skills are the bedrock of how to motivate your staff, boost creativity and improve employer/employee relations. For people seeking employment, excellent communication skills is very high on the list of personal attributes that employers demand when hiring or promoting employees. People who take the time to improve their communication skills through Mind Map Mentoring find that it greatly increases their self-esteem.

Communication Takes Many Forms

In times of difficulty, when an individual is struggling with managing life’s changes and feeling a distinct lack of self-esteem, a kind word or an offer of help communicates that they are worth more than they think – it tells them that you think they are worth helping. This type of communication costs the giver very little effort, but it can be of tremendous value and significance to help someone regain their confidence and self-motivation.

Selfless acts of kindness and practical offers of help can be courageous acts that show the strength of your character and communicate your personal integrity to those around you. Just as withholding supportive communication can be seen as an almost hostile act. After all, showing care for a stranger or the weaker person is at the very core of true humanity.

Mind Map Training for Improved Communication

In terms of effective verbal communication, the one main question is this:

Can you silence your inner thoughts and actively listen to the person in front of you, so you actually hear what they have to say? When you stand before a person who has an opposing point of view and are able to have a constructive discussion, this shows a healthy and positive readiness to, at least, listen carefully and understand why they hold a contrary point of view.

Don’t Feel Cut Off

Some of us have been effectively silenced from our natural want to communicate what we really feel or believe by all types of external pressure. This can be harmful and people can find themselves cut off from who they are and what they really want to do in life.

Mind mapping is an excellent brain-training system that encourages participants to speak up in guided sessions, knowing that whatever they give will be listened to and valued for its uniqueness. This is a key part of building your confidence through mind mapping.

Positive Personal Development

Thought mapping is great system, allowing people to get in touch with their true self and promoting self-growth and positive personal development. Once you have experienced the non-judgemental, active listening that is an essential part of mapping your mind for success – you also learn the value of listening carefully to what the people around you have to say!

This creates better communication and more harmony in family relationships, with friends and with work colleagues. Mind mapping, also known as thought mapping and concept mapping, is a great tool for weeding out false pre-conceived notions and the negative stereotype thinking that impedes self-growth and personal development.

Mind Mapping promotes meaningful conversations that produce positive results.

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