My Cobblers – Do Your Think He Thinks Its Safe?

Do you remember the movie Marathon Man, produced by John Schlesinger, starring Laurence Olivier and Dustin Hoffman.

So the question is, is it safe to go back into large groups and social gatherings? Games where our children certainly enjoy themselves and parents and onlookers glean a sense of this time last year’s freedom of social engagement while most of Europe is entering a second and in some cases third phase of restrictions?

If we are wrong, it will be a long winter, if we are right, will our experts (civil servants) of public health and safety be as valued the next time around? Risk limitation, risk aversion and risk mitigation is not one of right and wrong. Rather it is placing trust in those that assess a situation and provide us the best assessment of outcomes possible. Can you put your name behind such a vote of confidence on either outcome?

Oh, by the way, my cobbler does not think it is safe as yet, evidence his front door and how he is receiving customers, still..

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