My Story – My Ancestors Contribution

The Strength & Wisdom of My Elders Lives On In Me!

Happy Juneteenth! On this day in 1865, the remaining enslaved African-Americans were finally emancipated when 2,000 Union troops arrived in Galveston, Texas, and announced their freedom.

My own story is that I was never taught of my ancestors who contributed to the economic prosperity of the world. So many people do not connect their economic, social and educational standing to those that have been and still are indentured.

We look in spectacle over the royals around the world, forgetting and in some cases simply not knowing that a feudal system enabled one family to prosper while many lived in squalor.

Educational institutions, theological beliefs included one group while ostracizing another built their prominence on the back of marginalizing groups of people. Go back in time, enough to find your own ancestors subjected by the very same system that today uses social media, economic programs and educational rights of passage to manage (HR) whole populations…women being one of the last.

If we are to exhibit humility and a sense of camaraderie then we must de-incentivise the divide and conquer machinery of this bygone age of colonialism. The value in people is their intellectual capital contribution to the whole and not the individual narcissistic cannibalism mindset of the few.

May you be brave enough to conduct civilized conversations around this matter. May you find the courage to elevate the conversation above your unfounded fears! May you be honest to thy own self first!

To my mother…Teacher Lil. Your Spirit Lives On!

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