Parenting, employees and children alike. Are you a grown-up child?

Parenting: In 1994, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation commissioned a report on the need to use Reverse Mortgages to finance the healthcare needs of seniors. Many families at the time were struggling to find the means to be able to do just that. The concern expressed by many caregivers, who are represented by family members, particularly the children of these seniors was that they did not know how to care for the very people that brought them up.

STOP! Are you kidding me!

It gets worse.

Miriam, my wife and I were in our favourite cream puff bakery (Napoleon’s Cremepuffery, 947 E Gibbsboro Rd, Lindenwold, NJ 08021). Yes unabashed, in your face advertising for them. Taste one and you will advocate legislative funding so they continue Infinitum. Where was I now…oh yes, children taking care of their parents.

We were at, that place, and a young man with what seemed to be his parents came in. He was huffing and puffing about what seemed to be their inability to move, decide and select what they wanted. He glanced at me with a look of, ‘HELP ME!’ I paused a moment and then asked him if they were, these seemingly inconsiderate, slough moving entities, were his parents, to which he said yes. I do not know where this comment came from although it fell from my lips as if rehearsed, ” if you continue to behave like a child, they will never see you as a mature, responsible, capable adult!” His face dropped and I could see he was taken back by my directness.

At work, in your home, if you do not build the confidence to do what is necessary, they, everyone will not only see, they will feel your ineptness. I am not referring to the times you fall short! I am not referring to the times you miss the mark! I am not relating to the challenges which you go off on a tangent only to be brought back by the TEAM and refocused! I am referring to the constant crying and waling of complaints both leadership and parents express because things are not going their way. Learn to fall and learn to get back up. We are one of a few animals on this planet that have years to live under the guard of our parents before life takes its turn. Those that do not have this parental support and are introduced into the world with a handicap, are more resilient than you can imagine. See my paper entitled Do You Realize How Much Skill Development Is Going On?

Recall your success, draw down on the projects, decisions, and actions that got you 75% of the way to your goals, and KEEP TRUCK’IN! Check it! Let’s chat


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