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Reality and Theory part Three

So…..when is it right and to whom can you express your inability to deal with life at any particular point in time?

In many cultures there are professional mourners. In the bible the Hebrew people trace their roots back to ancient Egypt. Many of the traditions of Ancient Egypt found their way into the Old Testament of the Bible, which in large part is made up of Hebrew scripture. Ancient Egyptian professional mourners would attend funerals and act as representations of Isis and Nephyts, two Egyptian gods who were significant when someone died.

Ironically in European Victorian times ‘mutes’ were used to enlarge the numbers of a gathering at such events. The preponderance was to show large numbers of people at a persons funeral,hence indicative of social standing and importance…too late! Is that what we do today on a social bases? We are mute to the real needs of our loved ones.

Get back to the fundamentals of engagement.
A. Preparing food at home so we can speak with one another about our days concerns.
B. Set aside times in a day just to connect – an expression that you care
C. Socialization at professional groups to share common interests…and not to sell the next widget.
D. Fellowship – For those that subscribe to a particular belief, establishing a common ground for discussion is
critical to ones health and mental stability
E. Volunteering to learn the strength from others as they manage life’s changes from which you can use to
better manage yours.
F. Self reflection and meditation by yourself or with a trusted other.

NAMI-Suicide-FINAL January 24 2020

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