Remember Your 2015 New Year’s Resolution?

Remember Your 2015 New Year’s Resolution?

So where are you?
I mean, where are you with that stoic 2015 Resolution you enacted. Let’s get all formal shall we. Have you been managing yourself and your daily, weekly and monthly activity in realizing that goal?

Yes! Yes! and Absolutely YES!!!!!!!!

Count it off…..
Kept my family together!
Kept our interest alive!
Developed a program to support businesses encourage their employees – That was lots of fun!
Secured more favorable business opportunities – still and always will be building this one.
Secured MBE designation for the business
60 days out on securing the company as a DBE

Actively reached out and supported others who needed help
Reached out to young and old family members to Connect, Network and introduce them to one another

Kept my health, despite of a number of challenges as I rotate around the SUN! Wink! Wink!

Lessons learned, again. By being engaged and getting out in front of life (challenges) I realize whether its a family affair or strictly business the issue takes the same mental fortitude applied to gain a favorable outcome. One of our mantra’s is, ‘Do we have time’, to which the answer is, ‘we create it’. Your 2015 resolutions still has time on the clock…if you make the time.
He is Good All The Time!

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