Revisiting “The Why of Our Work”

Revisiting “The Why of Our Work”

I have written about character and presence, and their importance for our mastery path as practitioners. This week, I would like to begin a short series of “revisits” to previous series in Change Thinking, but I want to invite you to look at them through the lens of character and presence and cultivating character. The series we’ll be revisiting were published well before the release of the character and presence material, yet they have “line of sight” connection to that way of approaching the practice of our craft. It is my hope that by returning to review them once again (but this time with the benefit of the character/presence mindset), new perspectives and insight might emerge. The first one is The Why of the Work, first published in 2009.

As change practitioners, we spend a lot of time refining what we do and how we do it. In the process, however, we should be careful not to lose sight of the “why” of our work. Why are we so motivated—some of us even driven—to engage in this occupation? Without a solid understanding of why we do what we do, there is no passion—no soul in the work.

In this series, I explore why I feel it is so important to be in the change business. I also talk about changes that matter—those undertakings that could make a significant, positive difference in the quality of life (and even protect life itself) if only they could be fully realized.

While reading this series, I want to encourage you to think about whether your “why” has changed in the last year or two. Is it any more clear for you now than in the past or are you able to express it any more definitely? What role does your character/presence play in shaping the “why” of your work and in what ways have they been influenced by it? Does the alignment between your true nature and how you convey that to others impact your ability to act on why you are in the change facilitation business?

Begin reading about The Why of Our Work here.


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