Short Circuit the Negative

Short Circuit the Negative

‘Active and visible executive sponsorship engaging front line employees to contribute to the outcome of the project.’

This perspective encourages the front line employee to contribute to the well-being of the business. This seemingly simple phase sends a message to those that cloak their employees from the ‘why’ of their work and limit their pace of engagement by simply not sharing information. The lines of authority are much more narrow and transparent.

Realizing that this paradigm shift, now some 25 years in the making, has still a long way to go when you talk about embracing change. Middle management and director level are still heavily steeped in the industrial mentality of worker and management relationship.

Look at your own company and see if people’s conversations and actions show anything different.
Flattening Hierarchies

Case in point. A small retail chain asked me to work with them in setting up some customer service processes that weaved in the implementation of a new POP and POS system. The one administrator for one store would not relinquish the internal protocol of interaction with suppliers and vendors. Ownership of this co-operative did not take the time to have a full staff meeting to layout what was desired and how the new environment would, should look. Fractured relationships, fiefdoms emerged and apathy worked it way into each store creating narcissistic behavior even in front of a client.

Change management tools address such issues prior to their emergence. If only owners and managers would take the baton in hand and diffuse such unwanted and unnecessary fear from the equation.

Prosci’s Managing Resistance


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