If I did not start juicing some 10+ years ago I would not consider what we consume to be VITALLY IMPORTANT to my work as a personal counselor and professional coach.


Even if you do not take into consideration the voluminous amount of research, anecdotal comments, and experiential evidence in support of why you will benefit from eating healthy, the fact that I can move when I want to despite the irregularities of my body from time to time, I SIMPLY FEEL GOOD!

Of course, there are people who take care of themselves and die early in life. There are individuals who follow a strict (diet) and are consumed by an illness, disease, or condition that comes out of the blue. And there are those that have unique aversions and allergies that require they carry an Eppie pen with them at all times…like Miriam, my wife. There are no absolutes when it comes to the physiology of the human being! Don’t take my word for it…

Read on and understand how living food supports our mental state of mind…anyone for Pizza and anchovies?

Brain foods: the effects of nutrients on brain function

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