Stop Thinking Positively!

Stop Thinking Positively!

Many people look at being positive as an empty promise to one’self because there is no actionable leverage to its meaning. The issue is in our personal interpretation of the experiences connected to our past association of what came about in taking action.

So what is a more appropriate way of thinking positively?

What are you looking for in this aspect of your life? What are you communicating through your emotions that is not being received favorably and in some cases believably? Are you, have you become comfortable with the side of your personality that manifest itself upon certain triggers? Do you, at this point care? Have you been dumbed down by your circle of influence to become apathetic? No wait, you have used identified external associations to case this upset in your life.

Effective communications has nothing to do with work-related issues. It is the meaning we subscribe to the work we do that makes us want to engage or not. The elements around us…people, are just that, elements in a larger equation. Think for a minute the last time you were around a group of strangers and the conversation carried the meaning within which you were able to apply your knowledge in a manner that gave you positive emotional charges. Even with a backdrop of uncretainty of the overall success of the project, that calmer in the air was, optimistic.

What was it that caused you to be positive? Was it the expressed support of the sponsor? Could it have been a past project experience of working with other team members and their collaborative approach to the inclusion of member contributions? Did the team protect one another by disciplining the would be bully of the bunch, there always is one that tries to raise their will in a group?

How about taking the opposite of positive thinking, negative thinking, and using it as a measure of our own reality? How? If you encounter a situation that is not providing you with the desired feelings, opportunities and end goals you have in mind, what does that say about your options? Do you berate yourself because you are not in the preferred class of (call it a name)? Does this present an opportunity for you to develop a side of your personality (skills and competency) to ‘manage your state’? Is it teaching you to better manage the helm of your boat that you are sailing? Perhaps you need to look around and attach your sails to a better fulcrum.

I submit to you that negative and positive emotions are opportunities to better manage our state, acknowledge our opportunities and network more effectively in order to sustain our personal desired goals more completely. People fall from preferential highs and rise out of the despair of uncertainty. What will be your legacy?

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