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Strategic Inflection

Forget about your New Year’s Resolution…consider a Strategic Inflection Mentality – WHAT?

The real issue behind all this emotional tension as we are challenged by our changed reality of experiences is us! How we perceive what is going on and what seems to have changed. Moreover it is how we have been conditioned to expect certain outcomes from what we have been told to do and how we act that is not realized. The fundamental way we think and process information is called in question. We have been ‘formatted’ to think linearly.  As in 1 – 9. As in A through Z, as in Right and Wrong. Life does not come at us in this format so why do we allow ourselves to be programmed in this fashion?

OK where am I going with this?

Psychology teaches us that the brain can accommodate just about anything. Even when we are in a comatose state, we are processing information.  We may not like the process or experience we are going through and this produces emotional highs that can lead us to make changes. The behavior of those around us may not be desirable and certainly the outcomes may not be aligned with our universal perspective of how things should happen. Ah ha! There’s the rub. “Our universal perspective of how things should happen”. It is our perception of ‘reality’ of how things should be that comes into question at these times. The order of things. Where did the ‘should’ come from? What if we were taught to take in information and based upon any given situation apply this data as we see fit? No you say. Think again.

New Year’s resolutions are a yearly engagement just like many of our newly created annual events that we acquire along life’s way. We were not hardwired at birth with them. A strategic inflection is a conscious deliberate action (usually enacted in businesses) taken to achieve a desired result. What if we choose to apply ourselves by identifying our strengths, build on our capabilities, consistently and consciously develop skills while acquiring new assets and resources and as our situation dictates (read Jack Walsh, ‘Straight from the Gut’) and apply as we see fit. Given the life we are pursuing and how ‘LIFE’ comes at us, hence any situation that we find ourselves in is managed without all the ‘should happen’ perspective.

I know, I know, it feels like work. Like the emotions that swell up inside when you know the desired outcome you have been working towards all this time will not be realized. So does the indifference employees exhibit towards their responsibilities due to a failure of perceived appreciation. Just like the apathy the youth show when they are disengaged from society. Like the breakdown in emotional interaction of a long term relationship (communications displacement). The, should happen in each of these instances is that they should appreciate me, they should understand my needs, they should know me by now etc. etc. You get the point.

You can react to an influence upon you or you can respond to your environment. It is the manner in which it is done and what resources we bring to the table in addressing the challenge at hand that matters. In war, the reference point is honor. In social circles the reference is character. In business it is respect. It is at that point of knowing you must adjust your strategy and act upon it that makes the difference no matter how painful the situation, you know a behavioral change is required and you are willing to take action.

By looking at what we want through the eyes of a strategist we begin to adapt and develop our mental muscles to accommodate reality of what is being experienced and not what we hope or like to be happening to us. More than academic standing. More than external acceptance. Rather it is an inner competency that permits all external recognition to be filtered in determining how appropriate this feedback is to our well being. Note, your emotional highs and lows will still run you ragged, the difference is you are consciously aware and engaged in the process and not leaving it up to a ‘this should happen now’ mentality.  In an advance state you can anticipate the behavior of those around you and deflect undesired challenges and emotional distractions. It is your ability to place yourself in this continual process of an affective strategic inflection mentality that addresses the reality of life, changing states due to business environments, changing how you adapt to your environments knowing full well that the consistency is being in a state of flux.

One last example to drive the point home. The last time you experienced a paradigm shift in your life how did you respond. Note, I used the word respond. Now ask yourself why you felt this way. Now assess how would you feel, how would you measure, how would you have responded if you had adapted a strategic inflection point of view given the changing environment with the resource you called upon to address the situation. By the by some people call this having resolve to one’s situation. 

Reality is a beautiful thing!

Thank you for reading this article.

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Be seeing you!
Ronald M. Allen

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