Supporting Your Employees Achilles Heel

The True Value of an Effective EAP Service Provider

At any given time there are some 10.9% or some 29.6 million people were uninsured. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), about 49 percent of Americans, about 156,199,800 Americans, receive employer sponsored healthcare. 44 million Americans were underinsured in 2018, a 50% increase in 8 years.

The trauma, uncertainty and loss of dignity adds to an already burdensome situation, let alone change in the social and cultural dynamics of any relationship in a family  and its social community. Many turn to psychiatrists for help, others seek the support of Wellness and or Spiritual counsel.

Reports by the National Center for Biotechnology Information advances science and health by providing access to biomedical and genomic information. What does that mean for you? This associations work shed slight on new knowledge about how our bodies, mind and multitude of connectors and carriers of signals allow us to function. You can take a little knowledge or take a deep dive and learn what makes you tick.

To be sure then we know that if you remove the ability for someone to learn, to be part of the process of what they learn and contribute to the community that they are a part of, our minds begin to shut down. Additionally, if you set up their perspective about life as some how removed from death, it is reported that the very value of life is minimized, uncherished. Life’s Changes, are an unavoidable consequence of being born. From my reading on how people are quick to dispair, this is rooted in their not following their heart, or not going after what they naturally gravitate to. A fifth component to balancing life’s challenges is our inability to engage with others in fundamental ways that make for an enriched

Life – Fundamental Interpersonal Communications, or as one might say, small talk. Food is a sixth input to making sense of our world and you only need to acknowledge how you feel after any given meal or look at the obesity of a countries population as evidence. A seven factor is luminous and that is how we treat ourselves and one another.

A dynamic EAP program has the ability to identify these elements that make up our lives and create the environment for an employee to rebuild confidence in themselves. It must have an affordability factor scales for every income level. It must  be established so their is no social, cultural nor identification data that would limit a persons future best self merely because they needed help at one point in their lives. Unfortunately, this is not fully appreciated as their are questions asked by HR departments and expressed in companies policy and procedures that override the employees wish for total privacy.

By providing alternative supplemental services that enable your employees to find a non-stigmatized social or cultural solution in supporting them at a time in their lives that is unraveling while addressing life’s changes is both financial prudent and intellectually astute. From a humanitarian perspective check that box, and strategic positioning for the intangible value that such support provides.

The True Value of an Effective EAP Service Provider

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