The British Pound might go down in value by 25% in 2013, The Economist Newspaper

The British Pound might go down in value by 25% in 2013, The Economist Newspaper

Change! Does anyone remember the collective rejection of our current day usury system and why it was rejected by all socially responsible theologians, business leaders and even merchant of the day? They saw the inability to finance a ‘thing’ indefinitely on the backs of those that were just getting by in the first place. We can hypnotizes all we want as to how an economy should work/flow/react and respond. Those with lofty educational credentials will stroke our laymen’s minds with hyperbole as psychology subscribes. The world’s economy cannot be manipulated indefinitely and certainly not at the continued expense of one group of citizens over another with the majority of us used as a buffer. The value of any goods or services is finite and cannot be continually tied to a financial program that constantly needs the consumption of another asset, falsely valued in order to provide value where there is none. Capitalism is grand until it runs out of TRACK. Let’s do what we always do. Devalue everything and wipe the books clean then start again down the same road in another county. 1792, 1836, 1857, 1893, 1907, 1929, 1987, and now 2008, does anyone remember!

A read if you please: My Castle, My Jail! Chapter 2

Now consider China and India new emerging markets ripe for the picking and already pushing back against the insatiable appetite of consumption, usury financial tools and the tread mill to nowhere. Good luck young man, good fortune young women, your future has already been told!

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