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Tis The Season To Be Depressed…or Not!

First off let’s interrupt our own thought pattern of the source of our depression. It’s not the season, it’s the expectation of what we should have accomplished, what we have allowed others to plant in our minds that we should be doing and what obligations we feel we owe others primarily in the form of GIFTS. Ugh!

Death of one’s morals…for sure.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 7% of all Americans will suffer from depression at any given time during the year. From young adolescents to teenagers and all of us in the labor market, depression has increased significantly.

By the numbers:
210.5 Billion in lost earnings as a result of depression
Depression is the leading cause of disability forage groups 15 – 44
Depression ranks in the top 3 workplace issues in America today impacting family crisis and stress

Where did we lose our compass on what is or perhaps was most significant in our lives? Did we ever really guide our thoughts and monitor our feelings as we expressed our most inner intentions? Are we so impacted by new age accouterments that we have forgotten the basic that we need to be happy. (Eartha Kit’s Old Fashion Billionaire)

We all a certain level of human comfort and care. The challenge is have we built a sustainable platform upon which to address life’s changes? Life’s challenges to our personal perspectives and expectations when things go array?

Take a look at those that share their thoughts on this festive season.
“I want to be able to provide for my family in this New Year”
“If only I can secure this next job, we will be fine”
“How can I get my employees to trust me?”
“I feel like I am loosing compassion for my husband/wife”
“Do I have the time and ability to realize my goals?”
“What does this change mean?”
“How can I make sense of what I am going through?”
…add your own sentiments… as the list grows.

What if we ask a better question around the circumstance we wish to create, maintain and grow from? Do we have the courage too? Are you ready to accept responsibility for your thoughts that have produced your situation thus far in your life?

It is true we cannot change the past. On the other hand it is in the future we wish to experience better personal and professional relationships. Acceptance of our current state is the first mental gambit to be put into place. Secondly, identify what is it that you wish to experience/realize that is desirable, realistic and that you can act on NOW!

Consider this…The universe is constantly unfolding. How are you hearing it? Are you in tune with it?


Thank you for reading this article.

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Be seeing you!
Ronald M. Allen

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