WAMS talks with Ronald M. Allen about Managing Change

Press Release:
For Release: February 5, 2010

Every one can tell a story of the many events, happenings and situations we go through in life. It is the ability to recognize the value of these experiences, the very art and science of managing our reality that brings the unique texture of life to each story told.

This book represents a short summary of 13 stories taken from my life and how I have interpreted them and if you will, translated these experiences in a positive way to grow and develop. It is a choice and as my father told me, “be patient there will be plenty of time to make decisions”. I have taken the number 13 as a point of distraction as many people associate an uncomfortable feeling when this number is brought up in conversation. At the same time it is precisely this number that has forged the original number of states in the creation of the Union; now know as the United States. One can elaborate about such associations and interpretations. These interpretations simply emphasize the importance of the meanings we subscribe to all manner of things around us. How you choose to interpret your life’s experiences will determine your life’s view. Just because a cannibal has human on the menu, does not make them any more or less a favor to the Gods…I’ll leave that up to your own interpretation.

Look back on your life’s experiences and project forward how you want your life to read out and more importantly how you want those around you that are left to interpret your life, your legacy


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