We Need To Reflect Now – Brotherhood Of Man, Man!

Don’t Ever Give Up is a slogan pinned in my office that reminds me that when the road to what you want is long and arduous, ‘Don’t Give Up’. After all, that is precisely what the opposition to a healthy, safe, and forward-looking culture seeks – dispair!

Now listen to these short clips and place your ancestors, parents and relatives in the roles of these Muslims. In fact, call them a name and you will find yourself there given the ignorance of what we have experienced over the last four years. By the way, it is only a matter of time before your clan is selected and demonized…read our history and it was just a moment ago that the face of intolerance identified you as an excuse to berate!
The hate regurgitated among theological sects does not play out with the average citizen from any country. Having relatives serving in the armed forces around the world our conversations are about the hospitality, camaraderie and civility shared among the residents in any given town. There are extremists among us and communicating their interest, addressing their purpose will expose them and bring us all closer together for the benefit of our children and the sustainability of our race…The Human Race!
…by the by, these two videos were shared with me by a Muslim, thank you Samama Tahir. One small step to solidifying our relationship, one GIANT step to building mutual TRUST and UNDERSTANDING!

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